Terms of Service

Chuckwalla Camping was created to supply new and experienced campers with the right gear to make their trips more enjoyable.  We have hundreds of products across several categories to complete your camping experience.

You are welcome to purchase any product contained on this site. Chuckwalla Camping tries to ensure that all products sold can be shipped to all US locations and individuals; however, we do not regularly monitor local laws and regulations.

All information contained on this site (including but not limited to: product title, description, how-to text, video, and content, and reviews) is the sole opinion of Chuckwalla Camping, and every attempt is made to ensure accuracy.  Chuckwalla Camping is not responsible for the misuse of any information (published or linked to).

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An order is considered “complete” after it has been processed by Chuckwalla Camping.

Orders are processed 24 hours after they are placed.

Orders cannot be cancelled after they are processed (24 hours after being placed).  See “Order Cancellation”

Order Cancellations

Orders can be cancelled within 24 hours of placement.  Requests for cancellation received after the 24-hour period may not be able to be processed.  If the buyer does not notify us within the 24-hour period and a product is shipped, the buyer assumes all costs including shipping.  See “Returns and Refunds” for products shipped before cancellation request received.

Returns and Refunds

Returns are accepted for defective products.

Returns for defective products will either be replaced or refunded at the sole discretion of Chuckwalla Camping. 

Replacement or Refund will be applied after Chuckwalla Camping receives the returned item and inspected for defect or quality.

Chuckwalla Camping can deny a refund or replacement for any reason.

. You are also welcome to reference our snippets and hacks on your own blogs/sites as long as you give us full credit from that article.

You are NOT allowed to plagiarize our content and/or translate full tutorials on your site.