Cammenga Wrist Compass



The lightweight and accurate CAMMENGA MODEL J582T TRITIUM WRIST COMPASS provides easy on-the-go referencing for land navigation at day or night. Constructed with a machined aluminum casing for durability in the most demanding conditions. Easy to read 10-degree phosphorescent graduations are enhanced with Tritium Micro Lights for visibility in total darkness, maintenance free, for over ten years. Includes a heavy-duty nylon wristband.


– Luminosity: Tritium
– Jewel Bearing: Sapphire
– Needle Stabilization: Induction Damping
– Climate Capacity: -25o F to +125o F
– Dial Readings: 10 Degree Graduations
– Frame Material: Machined Aluminum Casing
– Water Resistant: Yes
– Expected Luminous Life: 10 Years
– Wrist Band: Heavy-Duty Nylon
– Colors (Body): Anodized Black
– Color (Wrist Band): Black


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