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Nature Walk in Los Angeles

Today, we took a family walk in Fryman Canyon in Los Angeles. There’s a misconception that LA is a concrete jungle, devoid of natural areas (and culture if you ask other parts of the country), but that’s just not the case. We have beautiful nature reserves that give us an opportunity to explore the natural flora and fauna of Southern California. If you’re in the San Fernando Valley, you have easy access to

  • the Hollywood Hills with Fryman Canyon just south of Studio City
  • Griffith Park east of Glendale / Atwater Village
  • the Verdugo mountain range north of Glendale and Burbank
  • Malibu State Park
  • and the Angeles National Forest

Traffic to some of these areas can be slow during the week, but if you’re willing to have a bit of patience, you’ll be able to miss the hoards of people enjoying what Los Angeles has to offer. Personally, we think that seeing how many Angelenos come out to play on the weekends is encouraging, especially when they bring their family.

We also had an opportunity to try out our hydration backpack. This one is a 2 liter, which was plenty for this trip. The days have been amazingly beautiful now that we got some solid weeks of rain. The additional carrying capacity is a little small if you have a lot to bring, so if this is a hike during a camping trip, we’d recommend upping the size to a 5 liter bag (which is different than the water bladder size of 2 liter).

The pictures above are an attempt to model. We’re normal people doing normal things, so forgive us for wearing a shirt and not having chiseled features. It’s all about how the products work and fit for the average person. Take a look at our selection of hydration packs to see what suits your adventure.