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Boruit 5000 Lumen Headlamp Review


Brightness5 / 5
Durability4 / 5
Waterproof2 / 5
Packing5 / 5


  • 3 x CREE T6 LEDs for incredible night visibility
  • Rechargeable battery
  • AC and car adapter power cords
  • Adjustable elastic headband
  • Water resistant design

In short: Boruit 5000 Lumen Headlamp is a very powerful headlamp that is great for night hikes. It will light up the trail ahead of you so you’re prepared for any obstacles that are just out of view in the dark. While it has been advertised as waterproof, this is simply not the case; however, it will hold up to being dropped in a puddle of water or stream. Just don’t leave it in there too long.

When we first looked at the product, we were surprised by the size of the battery pack. It’s fairly heavy, and we were concerned about how it would feel when being worn. This wasn’t as big of a problem as we thought, and we liked the amount of light emitted as well as how long the charge lasted.

The overall construction of the headlamp is rock solid. The pivot for the lamp itself has great position stability and clicks into place easily. The adjustable bands stay where they need to through hours of wearing, and we had no concerns about it slipping off our head.

We were very impressed with the light output and the difference between the two settings. One thing that is common with all types of headlamps is the brightness selection. Typically, you have to cycle through high and medium to get to low. When your eyes have adjusted to the darkness, turning on a super bright light for just a second can cause a bit of night blindness as your eyes readjust to the night. Unfortunately, because this headlamp is so powerful, we’d recommend using this specifically for night or dusk hikes and not really around the campsite unless you’re cooking dinner and need constant light.

The Boruit 5000 Lumen Headlamp did not meet our expectations for being waterproof (as claimed on other sites). The reality is that if you drop it in a stream or puddle, the light is going to be fine provided you pick it up in short order; however, if you leave it fully submerged for a few minutes, water will get into the device and cause it to stop working. Over here, we call this water resistant. After a night of drying, the button to turn it on is still not reliable, which may mean there is still some water in the button itself.

As for the impact test, we dropped the headlamp on a variety of terrain and heights and it survived everything. Despite a pretty weak battery cover, the batteries remained tight in the pack.

Overall, we’re satisfied with the product despite becoming waterlogged after 5 minutes of submersion.