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Cheap Survival Kit Review

Does not meet our minimum performance requirements to sell on our store


  • Multi Tool
    • Knife
    • Bottle Opener
    • Saw
    • 2 x Screwdrivers
    • Pliers
  • Whistle / Waterproof Capsule
  • Flint and Steel
  • Compass
  • Saw
  • Card Knife

In short: This is better quality than a lot of the more official-looking cheap survival kits on the market, but it’s still not something that will last through much use. That said, we were still surprised by the initial durability of the multi tool, and the saw didn’t break on us, so that’s something.

Multi Tool: Much better than we thought. The flashlight is a nice touch, and the fact that it works and seems relatively durable is a bonus. The saw is pretty much useless.
Flint and Steel: It’s a bit short. A good flint will be at least 4 inches long in order to get a good sustained spark. This one is about 2.
Saw: Pretty dull, but we were surprised that it didn’t break on us.
Compass: Not reliable.
Card Knife: Thicker than we thought, and will stand up to more use than the card knives included in other kits.